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Coupon Aggregator Coupondunia To offer Offline Deals In FMCG and Clothing …

Capturing the trends of Indian consumers the Mumbai-based deals and coupon aggregator, Coupondunia1, plans to offer offline deals in groceries and clothing retail.

Founded in 2010 by Sameer Parwani, CouponDunia was acquired by Times Internet2 last year. It presently has 6810182 subscribers mentioned on its site.

With the growth of ecommerce sector, the associated verticals are also seeing the burgeoning growth. For the past few weeks grocery and hyper local delivery businesses have made a great buzz.

However, the associated online deals and coupon vertical has also gained momentum with players like Groupon3, Mydala, Cashkaro4, Coupondunia5 and others.

Reports state that couponing and deal-buying sites have seen a revenue rise of almost 500%, attributing to big ecommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. The coupon business contributes 13.5%6 to the ecommerce audience in India growing at the rate of 62.9% with 7.6 Mn unique users a month.

The deal industry has already established its foothold in the ecommerce and beauty and wellness sector by offering heavy discounts and cash backs. Now, with the outgrowth of grocery startups and advent of reputable companies entering the domain, coupon and deals see heavy demand coming from the sector.

Besides, the demand and craze for offline clothing adds on to grab the best ROI for deals market. The deal players want to make the most out of these burgeoning sectors. As the reports state that apparels and accessories constitute 30% of the total etailing market in ecommerce zone, whereas, etailing itself accounts for 8.7% of organized retail and 0.3% of total retail sales.

The coupon industry wants to bag the entire profit that can be made with these sectors.

Sameer Parwani,CEO and Founder, Coupondunia said, Very soon we will add retail stores, and are also going to offer offline discount coupons in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods segment) next month. He added, In the case of e-commerce and clothing retail stores the discounts are powered by retailers, whereas for FMCGs, the discounts will be powered by manufacturers.

Presently Coupondunia has more than 3000 listed restaurants in six cities Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad. The company plans to hire employees to grow their presence in restaurants and develop face-to-face relationships.

Coupon Traction

Coupondunia claims that on an average 30 lakh coupons are redeemed every month with an average of 4500 deals added in that month.

Its partnership with ecommerce players like Jabong, Snapdeal and Flipkart offers consumers online deals with traction of over 80% of discounts being availed. The coupons can be availed from the website, app, or cut-outs from newspapers, offering discounts at cash-counters at multiple hypermarkets.

Parwani said, More transactions happen in the offline world. If we want to help people save money on anything and everything, we have to help them in the offline world.

Walking the race of Apps, Coupondunia launched its mobile app last year which has seen more than 1.5 Mn downloads since then.

Moving towards the offline market at this stage is a good move.

While everyone has been focusing on the online aspects, offline industry has been neglected. People still like to go out with friends to buy clothes rather than sit in front of a computer and order. More foreign brands coming to India are a sign of the same.

Being India, who doesn t like to get discount!


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Android 5.0.1 rollout begins for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4

T-Mobile subscribers with the Samsung Galaxy Note 41 are beginning to receive the Android 5.0.1 update on Monday morning. The update weighs in at a hefty 1.1GB and includes Material Design animations, shadowing and looks. It also includes the 64-bit ART compiler which will help apps open faster, Project Volta for improved battery life, and Lock Screen notifications.

The update to Android 5.0.1 also brings the new Recent Apps page, the Quick Settings two finger drag down from any page, and the Smart Lock which unlocks your phone automatically when it is paired to a device running Android Wear.

Because of the hefty size of the file, we would suggest being connected to a Wi-Fi signal when downloading and installing the update. You also should have your battery charged to at least 50% The entire process will probably take you more than 20 minutes to complete. Because the update is rolling out in waves, your phablet might not receive it for a few days.

Stay patient, even if everyone all around you has received Android 5.0.1 and you’re still plugging away on KitKat.

Your turn will come.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 receives Android 5.0.1

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 receives Android 5.0.1





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Here’s a gallery of graphic broken Apple Watch photos because reality isn’t kind …

As technology defies nature to make our lives easier, nature strikes back with the screen-shattering, surface-damaging effects of gravity and impact. Unfortunately, despite Apple’s efforts to whip the Apple Watch into military-grade shape, the device turned out as delicate as all mobile devices. Mere days after it got to users’ hands, we already have a gallery of horrors showing broken screens and scratched cases.

Although the $350 Apple Watch Sport sports a hardened glass layer that’s difficult to scratch unless you really dig into it, the material won’t survive an impact from drops or being run over. Consumer Reports’ testing is one thing1, but we get to learn that sapphire isn’t the screen protection panacea either, as a regular used managed what CR couldn’t – scratch the sapphire screen of the Milanese Loop Apple Watch. Hopefully, sapphire is strong enough to withstand impact, unlike tempered glass. Oh, and since we mentioned tempered glass, you might wonder whether those screen protectors made of the stuff are any good, since they obviously break and all.

Well, they do break, but they are designed to defend the display glass underneath by shattering to absorb the impact which would have went into the display otherwise. Tempered glass also contains a thin plastic layer, which holds the pieces of broken glass together so they don’t do further damage. With this in mind, screen protectors for the Apple Watch by established brands are already on sale, so you’re better off buying one.

If you are sensitive to broken pieces of technology, skip the gallery.

Otherwise, check out the gory photos below and if you have an Apple Watch, treat it right.

Apple Watch images

Apple Watch images



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