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Right Car Hire Announces Grand Opening Offering Online Booking of Rental … – Digital Journal

There’s no doubt one of the hassles about traveling can be hiring a car, especially if it’s traveling internationally.

Fortunately, there’s now someplace to turn for people who would like to remove the stress from this vital part of a trip.

Right Car Hire recently announced their launch offering online booking of rental cars across the world backed by smart and supportive customer service.

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Sydney, Australia — (SBWIRE2) — 07/06/2015 — While traveling can be both an exciting and fulfilling adventure, setting up all the details can often be a headache. One of the most important is renting a car, or multiple cars, depending on the nature of the trip, an area that’s made many people scream over the years. Right Car Hire is a recently launched new online service that intends to get rid of those problems for good.

The company offers online booking of rental cars from nearly anywhere across the world, doing their best to facilitate everything from local car rentals all the way to multiple country international car rental needs. The early response to the service has been very enthusiastic. “We’re incredibly happy to be helping people take care of their rental car needs quickly, smoothly and at awesome prices,” commented a spokesperson from Right Car Hire. “We’ve heard the horror stories of dealing with other companies or trying to set this sort of thing up on the fly and we’re hoping to remove that kind of thing for good.

Right Car Hire is a win/win all around.” According to the company, Right Car Hire is proud to have access to one of the largest and most thorough networks of car rentals across the world. This collaboration allows the low prices, large amount of rental choices and smooth service that the new company is quickly becoming well known for.

Only the most trustworthy brands are featured, including Hertz, Budget, Avis, Thrifty, Enterprise and Alamo, to name just a few. Both budget and luxury style cars are available depending on the desire of the customer, but either way a clean, dependable automobile can always be counted on at a discount price. Right Car Hire also prides themselves on being able to put together unusual car rental needs, like renting a car in one city and returning it in another, setting up having a car waiting at a foreign airport and nearly any other scenario a customer could find themselves facing.

Feedback from clients has been positive across the board. Greg J., from Melbourne, recently said, “I’ve used Right Car Hire three times so far, and each time they have not only saved me money, but I am also sure they saved me a huge amount of stress. I’ve been able to put together some last minute rentals and still got great cars that I’m proud to have driven.

Right Car Hire is a five star service all the way. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Fully recommended.”

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About Right Car Hire
On the anvil of unprecedented growth, Right Car Hire is at the top of its league amongst Australian companies offering online booking services specializing in assisting travellers across the globe in quickly and easily hiring cars on rent.

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Hertz and Ryanair Partnership Ends in Legal Battle – TravelPulse

Photo courtesy of Hertz


In a shocking turn of events, The Hertz Corporation announced last week that the company was terminating its car hire agreement with Ryanair after the two companies became involved in a lengthy contractual dispute.

Despite the partnership termination, both Hertz and Ryanair are reassuring customers who previously booked a flight or car rental through the partnership that they will still have their orders fully honored.

All future bookings must be made through each company’s respective website, though.

Hertz international group president Michel Taride released a statement1 about the how the company plans on taking Ryanair to court:

“We have enjoyed many years of a successful relationship with Ryanair, but unfortunately we were not able to reach agreement with the airline over a significant contractual dispute in spite of considerable effort. … Hertz deeply values all of its partnerships, some which have been going for more than 20 years.

We strongly believe in mutually beneficial partnerships and would never take lightly the decision to end a key relationship.

We are confident in our legal position and intend to pursue this matter vigorously through the courts.”

In response to the partnership termination and subsequent comments from Hertz, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary released a statement2 of his own about the legal issues between the companies:

“We regret Hertz’s decision to end our car hire agreement at such short notice today, at a time that will cause maximum inconvenience to our customers during the peak travel period.

We have had a long and successful partnership with Hertz, and it’s a pity that this has ended in such an unfortunate and untimely manner.

We have instructed our lawyers to issue proceedings against Hertz for breach of contract.”

Ryanair claims the cause of the issues is Hertz viewing the airline’s agreement with GDS distribution companies as a breach of contract.

Not only does Ryanair deny the claims, but it also states Hertz knew and supported the distribution model for more than 15 months.



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Watch out for this incredibly easy way that rental cars can intercept your … – Business Insider

Cheap Car RentalFlickr/Jonathan Brodsky1

It’s good to remain wary of where your mobile data goes — especially when you’re connecting your phone to third party devices.

A perfect example of this is the somewhat alarming security issue found in something as common as a rental car.

If you’ve ever rented a car before, you might recall that many allow you to connect your mobile device to the car’s hands-free system via Bluetooth.

This makes it possible for the driver to listen to music, hear directions, and even send and receive calls.

But the rental car may actually be doing more than just streaming smartphone audio.

The problem is that car audio systems that use Bluetooth often store phone data automatically once the device is connected.

This data includes the smartphone’s phone number, call logs, and even some contacts the user may have recently dialed, according to a recent USA Today report2.

In fact, without too much effort users can see a list of all the prior devices that connected to the machine.

A YouTube video3 from 2013 shows someone doing just that.

According to USA Today, cars routinely store this data, making it potentially a breeze for someone with some technical know-how to hack into the car and then learn a whole lot more about previous drivers.

Luckily, there is a way to stop this from happening.

All drivers have to do is delete the smartphone from the in-car device.

They can do this by going to settings in the car’s display. 

This one example brings about a greater lesson about mobile device security: Users should be aware of what their phones are connecting to and any potential data that the device is storing.

While Bluetooth does make things more convenient, it’s also been known4 to be an easy way for hackers to attack.


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